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92 Ways To Talk To Anyone

Be An Insider

Scramble Therapy #

Do something totally unexpected and out of routine once a month - a lecture, sport, event, or whatever. You get 80% of the insider lingo and questions. These can come in handy for different encounters later on.

Learn a Little Jobbledygook #

Learn the insider languages of other professions to better communicate with its members. Speak to people in that profession, and research material for it too.

Baring their Hot Button #

Before talking to people in a profession, know the hot buttons or major concerns for that profession. Know to touch on those items to heat up the conversation and make it interesting.

Read their Rags #

Read industry blogs, magazines, or other research material to catch up on their lingo or major concerns, which helps to talk with them.

Clear "Customs" #

When traveling abroad or dealing with any foreign culture, learn as much as you can about cultural do's and dont's. Cultural errors can lead to huge amounts of long-term pain.

Bluffing for Bargains #

Know the industry language before making a related purchase. This will keep sellers from trying to fool and rip you off, and make them think they need to deal straight with you and offer fair deals.