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92 Ways To Talk To Anyone

Creating Fast Connections

Be a Copyclass #

Watch your target's body language and match their movements as closely as possible. This includes common gestures, movement speeds, rhythm of motion, and larger poses.

Echoing #

Pick up on your target's choice of nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc, and echo them back in your own words. This creates subliminal report.

Potent Imaging #

Find out your target's interests and base language metaphors around them. For example, someone who likes boating will like to hear about an idea "holding water" or a good plan "setting sail."

Employ Empathizers #

Sprinkle conversations with small phrases that show you're listening and understanding what someone is saying. Phrases like "I see what you mean," "that's a lovely thing to say," or "that's a very fair point."

Anatomically Correct Empathizers #

Base your empathizers around your target's primary sensory inputs. If they're more visual and use eye/visual metaphors, then use the empathizer of "I see what you mean."

The Premature "We" #

Use the word "we" when talking about you and your target to subliminally plant the ideas of closeness and intimacy.

Instant History #

Bring up special or memorable moments at a first encounter with someone. This helps create a sense of shared history.