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92 Ways To Talk To Anyone


Munching or Mingling #

Don't try to eat and chat at the same time at a party. Eating food is like a brick wall to decent, or any, communication.

Rubberneck the Room #

When entering a party, stop in the doorway and slowly, dramatically survey the room.

Be the Chooser, not the Choosee #

Don't wait for potential connections and moments to pass by. At large gathering chat to as many people as you can, or at least the ones you think have the most potential for connections.

Come-Hither Hands #

Remember to use open body language at gatherings. The biggest points to remember are your hands and wrists, presenting them as open with your knuckles facing away from the person.

Tracking #

Pick up on small details of your conversation partner's life, and refer to them like important news events. It creates a powerful sense of intimacy.

The Business Card Dossier #

When given a business card or contact info from someone, use it to write notes from your conversation with them, like their favorite drink or hobbies. Reference it when you talk to them next.

Eyeball Selling #

Keep your eyes focused on the partygoers body language, and keep your pitch and conversation tuned to what you pick up.