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Stress Cases

Accessibility is about making web pages work for uses in a variety of stress cases. These can be caused by disabilities, injuries, environments, or situations. Here are some common and useful ones to keep in mind. Bear in mind lots of these may overlap.

Slow Internet or Low Tech #

Many places won't have strong Internet, like rural areas or airports with patchy hotspots. Testing on deliberately slowed connections can help you prepare for this.

Going Outside #

A common stress case is using a website outside on a mobile phone. This introduces any number of obstacles users will often hit.

Being Sick #

Everyone gets sick, at one time or another, in one way or another. It can be permanent or temporary, but will affect how you use websites regardless.

Modes of Transport #

Any mode of transport, public or private, will lead to lots of stress cases.

New Websites #

Users going to new sites also falls under stress cases, since it has a few specific issues on its own.