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Codeland 2019

Opening #

Laughter as a Serious Weapon #

John Crepezei. Hardware Hacking #

Fighting Hurricanes with Code #

Vuejs Workshop #

Framework perk is not making as many repetitive, unneeded decisions like "where to put crop." Vue is simpler, no build process, scalable

Perks #

Lifecycle Events #

Components #

Page enhancements VS apps #

State management #

Web Resources #

You Should Write that Blog Post #

Building a Gendered Dictionary #

Art Meets Algorithms #

Pixels in an image are basically a graph,trying to solve the route shortest between them all.

  1. Convert image to pixels
  2. select a subset of all the pixels at random
  3. Randomness to create a randomized pixel selection (1 from each 3×3 grid)
  4. Apply "nearest neighbors algorithm" to create line art. But doesn't work since it has several long jumps, too simple
  5. Remove long lines with "2- opt" algorithm. Remove all line pairs that cross and replace them with non-crossers

Also check out fractal art and voronoi diagrams.