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The Gentle Art of Verbal Self-Defense

Principles #

  1. Know when you're under attack
  2. Know the type of attack
  3. Know the right defense
  4. Follow through with defense

Common Speaking Patterns (Satir Modes) #

Recognizing verbal violence = Seeing the presuppositions, or hidden/implied meaning in a statement.

Basic defense strategy #

  1. ID their Satir mode
  2. ID the presuppositions (PSP)
  3. Go into Computer mode
  4. Ask/remark about the PSPs
  5. Keep Computer mode

Overview of Common Attacks #

"If you really X, you wouldn't Y" #

"If you really X, you wouldn't want to Y" #

"Do you even care about X?" #

"Even an X should be able to Y" #

"Everyone knows why (you) X" #

"A person who really X wouldn't Y" #

"Why don't you ever X?" #

"Some X's would Y if/when Z" #